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Product Spotlight- What are Struvites and why do they matter?

Posted on February 19, 2014

Spotlight GraphicIn 1845 a scientist with the last name of Struve discovered that gases released from decomposing sewage mineralize and cause sewer tanks and sewer lines to be coated with cement like crystals.  This problem is common in waste water and sewage treatment plants world wide.

However, this problem is not limited to those facilities alone.  These struvites arTank Techs RXe found in RV holding tanks.  These struvites cause all kinds of problems.  First, they are typically the leading cause of sensor failure in an RV holding tank.  In addition, these struvites because of their rough and porous nature trap odor causing bacteria.

The common holding tank chemical will not keep these struvites form forming, nor will they dissolve them.  The good news is that there is a product that not only keeps them from forming, but will dissolve the ones that have formed in your holding tank over time.  The product is called Tank Techs RX it is a 100% Natural Probiotic Tank Treatment.  This product not only stops the forming of struvites, but it eliminates odor, it works even in high temperature, it improves tank flushing because it works to liquify waste, it kills mold and dissolves grease, it even cleans the tanks when they are in storage.

This product is in stock in the 8oz bottle which gives you about 16 treatments.  The cost of the 8oz bottle is $14.99.


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