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Product Spotlight- Roadmaster Active Suspension

Posted on March 11, 2014

Spotlight GraphicRoadmaster Active Suspension is a unique product that solves a multitude of towing problems that no other product can handle.  Roadmaster Active Suspension (RAS) is the only suspension upgrade that will improve load carrying, improve handling and control and will not harden your ride with or without a load.  This product is not only perfect for those towing a trailer, fifth wheel or hauling a camper.  But it is also great for any type of vehicle, such as cargo vans, delivery vehicles, or any type of service vehicle that is carrying a load.Roadmaster Active Suspension









What makes the RAS system unique?

RAS is the only rear leaf spring system suspension upgrade that converts passive rear leaf springs into a mechanically active suspension system.  It works automatically when the strain from a load or the vehicle weight shift is applied to the leaf springs the stabilizing action of RAS comes into effect immediately.  The heart of this system is the variable rated coil springs.  The greater the strain from loads or vehicle shift the more counter-assistance force from the RAS system is applied, continuously and instantly adjusting to all load and road conditions and thereby maintaining the leaf springs in that optimum bowed position for improved handling and control.


Here is the bottom line, with RAS you get increased load abilities and improved ride at the same time.

The RAS is installed in most applications for $485.00 plus tax.

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