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Product Spotlight: Husky Slide-out Stabilizer Jacks

Posted on January 25, 2014

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The invention of slide-outs in RV’s is both a blessing and at the same time can be a curse.  The blessing is that  the slide-out increases the living area in an RV by a significant amount.  Some of the newer RV’s have slides that can measure up to 28″.  However, the most common length for a slide is 14′.   The manufacturers have become innovative and have even put the kitchen with island, including the refrigerator on the slide-out. This is great for the look and the  functionality of the RV.

Husky Slide-out Stabilizer Jacks

However, it is not great for the mechanism that makes your slide go out and in.  This is where the curse begins.  The amount of weight that manufacturers put in the slide, seems to us to be more than most slides can handle.  And over time this excessive weight will cause the slide-out mechanism to sag.  This sag causes all kinds of problems from ruining floors to not allowing the slide-out to close properly, and can even eventually cause the mechanism to fail.

While that is bad news, there is a solution.  The solution is to use Slide-out Stabilizer Jacks.  They come in three different lengths.  The length you need will depend upon the distance from the ground to the bottom of the slide mechanism or if your mechanism is not exposed it would be the bottom of the room itself.    If you have a slide this is really not an optional investment, it is a critical investment that will help keep you from costly repairs in the future.

We like the Husky Slide-out Stabilizer Jacks for a several simple reasons.  They are well made, simple to use and they are a great value.  There are three sizes 49″-16 ” to choose from and they range in price from $79.99-$65.99.  They are sold in pairs and we have them in stock.




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