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Essay Contest Entry- RV’ing In 1940

Posted on February 13, 2014

Here is the latest entry in our essay contest.  There is still time to enter and win a service credit.  Everyone that enters will receive a prize.  So, what are you waiting?  Write a short essay telling us why you love RV’ing.  Send it to

What I Like About RVing

Starting with my first “RV”, a 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan I’d acquired in the 1940s, I have loved the freedom and versatility. I had hollowed out the Ford, built a bed platform and some shelving that held my icebox, stove, food, and clothing. My surfboard was on top. That was fine when single, but when married something bigger was called for. We got a 16 foot travel trailer and made our first trip to Yosemite. That trailer made the vacation so very special – comfort and convenience. We were parked where we could see the Firefall every night, a thrilling sight no longer possible.

Of course, not many RVs had toilets or showers in those times, so when we later bought a 24 foot trailer with those features it was great. Now we were completely independent – and clean!

Our biggest RV adventure was undoubtedly the two month trip to Alaska. Not being sure of availability of gas and RV parks, we went with a Woodall’s group. They had experienced leaders and support staff, knew when and where to refuel, and had reservations at the parks along the way. In addition, they had many side trips planned on buses, trains and boats, as well as entertainment and guides. We even took a float plane flight over the mountains. During the day we were on our own; we could stop whenever we wanted and only had to be at our evening’s destination. Our fellow travelers became friends, enjoying the side trips, visits, coffee, and meals together. It was wonderful!

The following year we traveled to Louisiana where, with our friends, we put our RVs onto a barge that had full hookups plus a recreation/dinner barge, and toured the Mississippi. This was an adventure that we’re especially glad we took because, unfortunately, it can’t be repeated nowadays. Then on to Key Largo, Florida, and back home via a different route.

Sure, we could do the same trips staying at motels, but not with the comfort of having our own complete kitchens, clean bedrooms and linens, and toilets. Plus, our dogs are always right at home while having new places to sniff and explore daily.

When thinking of new adventures or even repeating old ones, our favorite way by far is with an RV. For us, it just doesn’t get any better!

Ted Kalil

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